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Doctor brushing the dog teeth

We clean your pet's teeth while the animal is safely and peacefully under general anesthesia. The health problems of a mouth infection are worth the slight risk of using an anesthetic.


If you have any questions about this or other procedures, just ask one of our veterinarians.

 •  Teeth cleaning and polishing

 •  Tooth extractions

 •  Oral surgery

If your pet has typical bad breath, it's cause for more concern than you know. Bacterial growth on animals' teeth smells and causes periodontal disease, which not only threatens the teeth but can affect the body's organs. Schedule a teeth-cleaning today!

Your pet’s teeth and gums need care too

A fully equipped and qualified dental office

A safe cleaning while under anesthesia

Keep your pet's teeth clean at home using our enzymatic toothpaste from C.E.T. It's

chicken-flavored and swallowable.


We also sell chew products and rinses, all of which keep tartar and bacteria at bay, taking care of "dog breath" and the threat to teeth that is periodontal disease.

You can brush your pet’s teeth!

Schedule an appointment with us online!


Two dogs