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• Nail clipping

• Ear cleaning

• Pulling ear hair

• Trimming around foot pads

• Sanitary trims

• Shampoos

• Bathing

• Flea and tick baths

Many breeds of dog and cat have thick fur that becomes painful when it becomes matted. Every fall your dog grows a thick undercoat for seasonal warmth; this needs care including when it is shed in the spring. Also, in summer, keep your pet's coat long enough for natural temperature control but no so long as to be too hot. Our groomers know how best to do this and keep your pet calm during the session.

If your dog or cat needs a trim and a good brushing, just stop by next door, at For Dogs & Cats Only.

Fido and Fluffy’s favorite spa

Why maintaining your pet’s coat matters

For beauty and health purposes

•  Hours: Tuesday, 8am - 4pm;

   Thursday - Saturday, 8am - 4pm

•  Parking

•  Please call one week ahead of your desired

   day to make your pet's appointment.

•  Seasonal fun: Halloween costume contests,

   visits and pictures with Santa

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