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A doctor giving vaccine to the pet

•  Rabies vaccination every 3 years

•  Distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza (DHP)

•  Parvovirus

•  Kennel cough (bordetella)

Our pet-immunization protocol is according to American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines, whether your pet is indoor or outdoor, and the kinds of diseases prevalent among North Georgia's animal population.

Thanks to modern veterinary medicine, diseases that once commonly killed pets are now easily preventable. The key is making sure your pet's shots are up to date. Every year, science is improving on existing vaccines. So make sure your pet is up to date. Come to us for his or her shots.

The latest vaccines to prevent pet disease

Only the shots your pet needs

Our preventive care for your dog

•  Distemper

•  Feline leukemia

•  Feline herpes

•  Rabies, as for dogs

Shots for

healthy cats

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