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•  Large and small ICU/oxygen cages, pediatric

   incubator, oxygen generator, patient heat

   blocks, I.V. fluid pumps, and electronic life


•  O.R. features advanced lighting, radiograph

   viewers, several general surgical packs,

   orthopedic pack, and ophthalmic pack.

   Pulse oximetry and ECG monitors are


•  Pet vaccinations  •  Spay / neuter

•  Parasite control   Dental

Hemagen chemistry analyzer, Heska hematology unit, electrolyte unit, 300ma X-ray with digital imaging(CR), electrocardiogram, ECG monitor, pulse oximeters, electronic gram scale, endoscope, blood pressure monitor, Tonopen (ocular pressure), glucometer, lactate monitor, wall-mounted ophthalmoscopes / otoscopes, and color Doppler ultrasound.

As living beings with emotions, your pets deserve medical care as advanced and comprehensive as yours. Our office provides that for this special member of your family. Call for your appointment, and we can take emergency visits during our hours.

Routine checkups and more for your pets

Diagnostic tools and equipment:

Therapeutic aids, surgery, and more

•  Isoflurane and Sevoflurane anesthesia are

   available along with a variety of injectable

   sedative and anesthetic agents.

•  X-rays and color Doppler ultrasound

•  Electrocardiography

•  Our in-house laboratory facilities provide for

   serum chemistry, electrolytes, hematology,

   serology, urinalysis and parasite testing.

   We also utilize commercial veterinary

   laboratories for specialized diagnostics and


•  Pharmacy including compounding

Anesthesia, imaging, lab, and pharmacy

Vet looking at an ultrasound

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